Crypto: The DeFi token price increased by 5500% in two hours


The price of the DeFi token increases by 5500% in two hours

Developer André Cronier released a new cryptocurrency and immediately added it to the Uniswap decentralized exchange. The first deals with the DeFi token KP3R (Keep3rV1) were priced at $ 1.4. Then the coin rose rapidly in price by 5500% to $ 79, now the price has dropped to $ 54.

During the first two hours of the token's existence, users invested about $ 4 million in it, according to Traders bought the coin even though the platform, which was launched by Cronier today, is still being tested. This demand for KP3R is probably due to the developer's reputation. He issued the YFI token, whose rate rose by more than 130,000% from July to September, to $ 44,000 and has now dropped to $ 12,900.

Currently, more than 1.5 thousand people have bought KP3R. During the first two hours of the token's existence, users performed over 5.5 thousand transactions with it, according to blockchain observer

The KP3R token is an updated version of the KPR test token issued by Cronje on October 20th. Then the coin price rose by about 130,000% in a few hours to $ 2,700, but within half an hour after growth fell below $ 10.

– Users lost $ 15 million in cryptocurrency overnight due to curiosity

– DeFi token SAFE has risen in price by 500% in a few hours due to Cronier's tweet

– DeFi-token Shroom has risen in price by 5000% in three weeks

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