Crypto: Teenager accused of biggest Twitter hack


Teenager accused of biggest Twitter hack

U.S. police arrested 17-year-old Graham Clark in Tampa, Florida. He is suspected of involvement in the attack on Twitter, where Elon Musk, Bill Gates and other businessmen and celebrities have been hacked and $ 120,000 in bitcoin was obtained in a criminal way, reports the local WFLA channel.

Clark faces 30 charges. This list includes participation in organized fraud, 17 fraudulent systems using modern electronic means of communication, 11 crimes related to the misuse of personal data, one of which killed at least 30 people with an injury of more than $ 100,000. The teenager is currently under guard.

In addition to Clark, two other suspects were arrested. One of them is 19-year-old Briton Mason Sheppard, who is accused of organized fraud using electronic means and money laundering. The other is 22-year-old American Nima Faseli. He is accused of illegally facilitating access to computer systems. This is stated on the official website of the US Department of Justice.

Yesterday, July 31, Twitter reported that hackers could hack it with a phishing attack on employees' mobile devices. Initially, the criminals focused on smaller members of the company, through them they gained access to the internal system of the social network. This allowed them to attack employees with more privileges and gain access to user accounts.

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