Crypto: Twitter reveals the causes of the biggest hack


Twitter reveals the causes of the biggest hack

Hackers were able to hack Twitter with the help of a phishing attack on employees' mobile devices, said representatives of the social network in their official blog… This is a deliberate attempt to steal information, such as account information or bank card information from a particular person.

Initially, the attackers focused on employees who could not manage user accounts. After obtaining the necessary information, the hackers were able to enter the system's internal network. This made it possible to obtain information about workers with broader powers and already attack them.

Thus, criminals gained access to the internal tools of the social network. Thanks to this, they were able to attack 130 Twitter accounts and send messages on 45 behalf. For 36 accounts, hackers opened personal correspondence and downloaded an archive of personal data from 7 people.

The attack on Twitter occurred on July 15 at 22:00 Moscow time and lasted for about three hours. During this time, hackers hacked the accounts of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Kanye West, Apple, Uber, representatives of the crypto community and others. On behalf of celebrities, shared hackers allegedly cryptocurrency. They offered users to send bitcoins to the specified address and promised to double the amount received. So criminals raised nearly $ 120,000 in cryptocurrency.

$ 1 million for the catch. All details about the biggest hacker attack on Twitter

– Exchanges did not allow hackers who hacked Twitter to collect more than $ 300,000 in Bitcoin

– Unconfirmed information about Twitter hacker has appeared in the network

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