Crypto: Bitcoin to $ 50,000 and a loss of $ 500 million overnight. News in 5 minutes


Bitcoin to $ 50,000 and a loss of $ 500 million overnight. News in 5 minutes

The price of Bitcoin has risen above $ 10,000. Ethereum is more expensive than $ 300

The Altcoin price has updated its annual maximum, cryptocurrencies have shown steady growth, the market capitalization in the first since February exceeded $ 300 billion

The DeFi platform's yEarn Finance token rate increased by 13,000% during the week

The developers called their cryptocurrency "completely useless", despite this it rose from $ 35 to $ 4800. ICO for another coin from the project with similar features will take place today

The head of the WHO announced the deterioration of the situation with COVID-19. What is the risk of bitcoin

The pandemic has already hit cryptocurrency and the stock markets. The World Health Organization reported a doubling of cases of coronavirus infection in six weeks. There is a risk of a second downturn and it could be an investment opportunity for traders

For the first time in a year, the bitcoin interest rate rose above $ 11,000

During the day, cryptocurrency has risen in price by 7%, and since March – by 200%. The digital value of digital assets reaches $ 320 billion

Traders lost over $ 500 million in cryptocurrency overnight

Stocks liquidated short positions with customers due to the price increase of bitcoin to 11,400 dollars

The Ministry of Finance offered to collect suspicious savings. Bitcoin hotas

The Russian authorities have submitted a bill to the government that makes it possible to confiscate funds if there is no evidence of the legality of their origin. These measures can affect the owners of cryptocurrency

Russia's bank did not support bitcoin investments

First Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov compared the purchase of cryptocurrency with playing roulette and named three problems with digital assets

The data from 1 million Bitcoin wallet users has been jeopardized