Crypto: US University paid hackers $ 1 million in bitcoin


US University paid hackers $ 1 million in bitcoin

The University of California, San Francisco, paid $ 1.14 million in cryptocurrency to hackers. In early June, an attack occurred on the educational institution's server, the attackers infected them with a ransomware virus, reports the local edition of CBS San Francisco.

University staff explained that the payment of funds was necessary. Malicious software encrypted data that contained research that is important to the study. In exchange for cryptocurrency, hackers provided a tool to unlock information.

“The data that has been encrypted is important for some of the academic work we do as a university. Therefore, we made a difficult decision to pay a portion of the ransom, approximately $ 1.14 million, to the individuals behind the attack in exchange for a tool to unlock encrypted data, ”explained the university representatives.

The publication noted that the department's employees first tried to negotiate with hackers. It was proposed to reduce the redemption amount to $ 780,000. Criminals rejected this offer, saying they "don't work for free." As a result, the parties agreed on an amount of 116 BTC.

In mid-June, Israeli software development company Sapiens International hackers paid $ 250,000 in Bitcoin. They infected the company's servers with ransomware viruses and demanded a solution in cryptocurrency for data security.

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