Crypto: In the Bitcoin network, almost $ 1 billion was carried out


In the Bitcoin network, almost $ 1 billion was carried out

A $ 920 million transaction was conducted in the bitcoin network. On June 27, the user sent 101.8 thousand BTC to an unknown wallet. The translation was recorded by the Twitter bottom BtcBlockBot, but its well-known counterpart, Whale Alert, skipped this operation.

Later, the funds were split in two directions, according to the browser 5 thousand coins went to one address, the remaining 96.8 thousand – to another. Right now, cryptocurrency remains motionless. For each operation, the user paid about 50 cents commission, the total transaction cost was less than $ 1.5.

On June 24, the Plustoken cryptocurrency pyramid funds came into operation. From her wallet, 789,534 Ethereum was transferred to the amount of $ 184 million. Later, coins began to be sent in small parts of 100-200 ETH to new addresses.

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