Crypto: Bitcoin surpassed five leading stock indices


Bitcoin surpassed five leading stock indices

Over the past five years, Bitcoin has surpassed the world's leading index, says British investment company Buy Shares on its official website. During this period, investments in cryptocurrency can generate more than 3400% of profits.

At the same time, the value of the NASDAQ index, which includes securities in all companies trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange, increased by 96%. The S&P 500 index showed even lower profitability, of which the basket included 505 selected companies traded on US stock exchanges with the highest activation – 46%. A similar result for the industrial Dow Jones index – 42%.

The worst result from the above was shown by the leading index on the British stock exchange FTSE 100. From June 2015 to today, the instrument's notes fell by almost 7%. Thus, the return on investment in bitcoin over the past five years has exceeded the average of the given indices by about 70 times.

A spokesman for the company, Justinas Baltrusaitis, suggested that two factors could affect such results. First, this is the beginning of the regulation of the digital money area. In 2015, the lack of legal certainty hindered the development of the industry. Second, the coronavirus pandemic negatively affected the stock index.

“Over the years, Bitcoin's popularity has increased, and its status as the first cryptocurrency in many ways helps a high return on investment. Investing in Bitcoin is profitable, but investing involves significant risks. The price of cryptocurrencies is very volatile, which is why investors may lose more than they invested, Baltrusaitis warned.

Yesterday, June 29, analyst at research firm Crypto Research said bitcoin could go up in price to $ 340,000 over five years. The growth of the value of the coin will help it be recognized in society. As a result, the digital money industry will be open to the global market, which now stands at $ 212 trillion.

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