Crypto: A new way to steal bitcoin became known


A new way to steal bitcoin became known

Vulnerability in the Lighting Network could allow hackers to steal bitcoins, noted researchers Yona Harris and Aviv Zohar of the University of Jerusalem in Israel. They published an article detailing systematic attacks on the cryptocurrency payment protocol.

Lighting network users have the option of sending payments through intermediate nodes. They can be used to steal funds. Attackers force the victims to send numerous requests for funds, leading to system overload. While recovering, hackers steal coins.

"We found that the vast majority of active nodes (about 95%) are ready to open a channel on demand and run the risk of being the victim of an attack," said experts.

They explained that it is possible to solve the problem if you close channels earlier, eliminate weaknesses, complicate spam for hackers and create a way to detect them before the attack begins. But there are serious changes that need to be made in the lighting system to protect against hackers.

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