Crypto: Robert Kiyosaki urged to buy bitcoin. Businessmen did not agree


Robert Kiyosaki urged to buy bitcoin. Businessmen did not agree

The US central bank is dead, said Robert Kiyosaki, best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, who said the US government has granted $ 900 billion in financial aid to zombie companies, and those funds will never be returned. Therefore, investors should buy protective assets such as gold, silver and bitcoin.

“The Fed is dead. Loans to zombie business executives cannot be repaid. By 2020, zombies will have to pay $ 900 billion. By 2021, the zombie debt will exceed $ 1.6 trillion. Have you already bought gold, silver, bitcoin? "Kiyosaki wrote in his Twitter account.

However, the billionaire and owner of Dallas Maverick's basketball club, Mark Cuban, is less support for cryptocurrencies. He is sure that bitcoin is worse than bananas. Reason: Transactions in the BTC network are slow and yet they cannot be eaten and received by nutrients. Previously, Cuba said that an asset can never be a reliable currency, because it is too difficult to use, easy to crack and lose, it is difficult to understand and determine the value.

At the same time, Schiff admitted that he made a lot of mistakes for not buying $ 1 in BTC 8 years ago. In 2011, the eternal critic of the cryptocurrency made a report saying that he prefers to invest $ 10,000 in gold than in BTC, as it is not known what will happen to the latter in a few years. Since then, the coin has increased by 900,000%.

Today, June 29, investor and entrepreneur Jason Kalakanis said that 99% of cryptocurrencies are junk developed by uneducated idiots. The remaining 1% of projects “inspire hope”. If these crypto launches have a product and users, maybe they will change the world.

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