Auto: The number of road cameras will increase in Moscow


Moscow authorities decided to install 250 additional cameras to fix traffic violations on highways. For these purposes, it is planned to spend 895 million rubles. This was reported by Kommersant, the relevant competition has already been announced by GKU "administrator of the Moscow parking lot" (AMPP).

The name of the new complexes is still unknown. The cameras will be installed in the center. For example, new complexes will appear on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, the new Arbat, as well as Petrovka and Neglinnaya streets. In addition to the city center, the complexes will be installed at the metro stations Nagatinskaya, Nagornaya, Yasenevo, Konkovo, Molodezhnaya, Krylatskoye and University, as well as on separate streets and outside MKAD – in Khimki, Rassokazovka and on the international highway.

In the plans for GKU "Administrator of the parking lot in Moscow" (AMPP), the rent of 139 new tractors was also planned to move cars to the parking lot. For these purposes, the department plans to spend 1.8 billion rubles. At the same time, the general fleet for special vehicles remains the same – 276 units, but old cars will be taken out of service.

Last year, Vladimir Putin demanded to stop specifically hiding complexes to fix traffic violations on dangerous parts of the roads, as cameras are mainly installed to reduce the accident rate. This was announced by the President of Russia at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on the development of the road network.

After the Moscow Center for Traffic Management (DPC) declassified the addresses of all traffic cameras in the city. Most of the cameras are fine not just for speed: the complexes can simultaneously monitor the movement of the selected paths, cross the continuous marker line, turn from someone else's row, pass through a red light and not allow pedestrians to pass.

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