Auto: Audi will ship to repair A3 and A6 in Russia


Audi has announced the recall of 389 A3 and A6 cars sold in Russia from 2017 to 2019. This was reported on Rosstandart's website.

"Due to an error in production, incorrect determination of the coordinates of the vehicle's location of the emergency service control unit's control system and, as a result, incorrect transmission of information about the vehicle's coordinates during a road transport or other accident to emergency operations," the message says.

Audi will notify the owners of cars covered by the promotion that they need to go to the dealer. In addition, you can find out if the car is examined by the list of VIN numbers on the Rosstandart page. The service will check the controllers and replace them if necessary.

At the end of March, Audi announced the recall of 246 crossovers Q7 and Q8, which were sold in Russia from 2019 to the present. Cars were sent for service due to the risk of damage to the lines.