Coronavirus: Military doctors administer coronavirus vaccine to the other group of volunteers


Another 20 volunteers received a Russian vaccine for coronavirus prevention, tested by the Russian Ministry of Defense and researchers from N.F. Gamalei Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology. The results of the first tests allowed further clinical trials, RBC told the Ministry of Defense.

The second group of volunteers was first introduced a component of the domestic combined vector vaccine and three weeks later the second. After administering the drug to volunteers, the voluntary conditions were assessed by physicians, no serious adverse reactions were detected, the agency reports.

Clinical trials of the COVID-19 vaccine began on June 18; 18 volunteers were vaccinated. Prior to this, vaccine trials for large and small animals were organized, the Ministry of Health issued a permit to conduct clinical trials on humans.

Half of the study participants received part of the vaccine, the rest – the other. The vaccine is being tested at the hospital named after academics N.N. Burdenko.

Test participants are isolated in a hospital and are under 24-hour medical supervision. The studies should be completed by the end of July.