Crypto: Bitcoin for $ 0 and the law against cryptocurrencies. News in 5 minutes


Bitcoin for $ 0 and the law against cryptocurrencies. News in 5 minutes

The creator of "Harry Potter" became interested in bitcoin. Elon Musk helped

Author Joan Rowling asked Twitter users to explain what cryptocurrency is. In addition to the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, she was answered by well-known representatives of the blockchain community, such as the creator of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin.

Cards are returned. Is mining profitable right now?

After halving, bitcoin mining became half as profitable. This and other reasons are forcing Russian miners to look for an alternative to the main digital coin

Ethereum 2.0. What to do with a coin and why to buy it

A threefold increase in the number of long positions on the cryptocurrency indicates that the crypto community is expecting the transition to the second version of the network. How the update will affect the price of altcoin, how much it will earn on its stack and what risks it has

BitMEX filed suit against BitMEX crypto exchange

The market and its founders are accused of manipulating the market for digital assets, money laundering and other illegal activities

The Bitcoin exchange rate dropped to 0 on a larger exchange. After that, she went offline

Currently, there are two options for what happened: with the first cryptocurrency, a transaction was really completed at zero cost, or it was a failure in the BitMEX interface.

"There is no end to the crisis yet." How quarantine interruption affects bitcoin

Dmitry Medvedev said resigning from the self-isolation regime is the country's most important task at the moment. However, the former prime minister stressed that this would not be an immediate solution to financial problems.

Self-insulation is not over. Time to report on the most important mistakes in trading

Greed, confidence, last minute offers. These and other mistakes are made by traders and investors in pursuit of quick profits. How to improve cryptocurrency and stock trading skills and earn more from it

Robert Kiyosaki: The US goes bankrupt, buy bitcoin