Coronavirus: In the Sverdlovsk region, restrictive measures were extended to 1 June


Due to the threat of a coronavirus, quarantine in the Sverdlovsk region has been extended to 1 June. The regional head, Yevgeny Kuyvashev, posted this on his Instagram.

"I decided to extend all the restrictive measures by another week – until June 1," the governor said. Kuyvashev specified that Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Health informed him that it was impossible to release quarantine restrictions. This point of view, he said, is supported by individual doctors with whom the governor had consulted.

May 13 Kuyvashev announced that some restrictions due to coronavirus were weakened. Including, from May 19, he promised to open malls and stores, the resumption of street cafes.

After detecting an outbreak of coronavirus among employees of the company "Krasnoe & Beloe", the governor said that restrictive measures would remain in the region until May 25, relief would only affect medical organizations that can resume planned adoption.