Auto: Thousands of useless new and used cars were brought to stadiums


In Los Angeles, rental cars that were not used due to the COVID-19 pandemic began to be taken to stadium parking lots. These parking spaces are rented by car owners. Based on the photos published by the Los Angeles Times, there are already thousands of cars in the parking lots.

While cars are taken to the parking lot of Dodger Stadium, where the local Los Angeles Dodgers team usually plays baseball matches. Due to the fact that all public events in the United States were canceled due to coronavirus, parking for a sports facility was vacant. The rental cars are also sent to the Santa Anita Hippodrome parking lot.

In turn, Toyota decided to rent parking spaces at the port of Long Beach. In these parking lots were placed cars that were delivered to Los Angeles, but could not be sent to dealers because of current restrictive measures.

Earlier in Russia in the Chelyabinsk region near the Smolino lake, a parking lot was discovered with 56 new generation Toyota Camry sedans. According to locals, the sedans have been in hibernation in the forest for six months now. It turned out that the cars were bought specifically for the SCO and BRICS summit. 120 million rubles were set aside for the purchase of sedans. As a result, the authorities decided to transfer cars to medical institutions and social services to fight coronavirus.