Auto: In Russia, 90% of driving schools were predicted to be closed due to COVID-19


Due to the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, 90% of the driving schools in Russia may not resume their work. This is stated in the appeal from representatives of relevant associations to Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, reports Kommersant.

“The influx of students has stopped and funding has ceased. Small reserves are depleted. There were obligations to pay salaries and rents, ”explained Alexander Salnikov, head of the specialized association St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region.

Industry representatives asked the government to offset the cost of renting premises and land and to include driving schools in the list of individual areas of activity most affected by the deteriorating situation due to the spread of a new coronavirus infection. According to Sergey Lobarev, head of guild of Driving Schools, without prompt action, the driver training industry "will inevitably be destroyed, and its restoration will require a lot of time and money."

If this is not done, according to forecasts from industry representatives, about 90% of educational institutions can close in Russia. According to the State Traffic Inspectorate, there are more than 6.7 thousand driving schools in Russia.

Earlier, it became known that the leaders of Russian driving schools began massively appealing to the regional authorities with a request to allow them to complete education in their entirety, and if this is impossible, to provide state aid. So under self-isolation conditions, almost all driving schools succeeded in transferring theoretical training online with the support of the traffic police. But practical driving around the city with an instructor in most regions, including Moscow, was banned locally.

Remember that in the middle of April, due to the coronavirus situation, the state traffic inspectorate temporarily restricted the approval of driver's licenses, and registration of cars and exchange of certificates began to be carried out in a special way. In the spring of 2021, a major reform was proposed to unite the practical part of the exam in the traffic police, which provides for the exclusion of tests in closed areas.