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The stockholm stock exchange, is low on the plus side, at noon on Tuesday in line with stock markets on the continent, and after a little bit of swing index development during the morning hours.

Teliaaktien has climbed steadily through the morning, and took it in initially after the announcement that the EUROPEAN commission approve the Bonnieraffaren, however, subject to certain conditions.

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Just before the 13th, had the OMXS30 index increased 0.4 percent to a level of 1.770. Shares, for a total of 7.8 billion was traded. At the european stock exchanges were the CAC40, up 0.3% and the DAX in Frankfurt up 0.6 per cent.

The markets, the focus is directed at a speech by the president of the united states Donald Trump is to stay at 18 utc on the previous day. The question is, in essence, the extent to which he will have to deal with the ongoing trade negotiations with China. The handelstemat reported in the New York Times reports that Donald Trump, this week, is expected to announce that he’s firing on the possible introduction of tolls to the EUROPEAN union in the period of six months.

In the OMXS30 index was at Telia, up 1.2 per cent. At noon came the news that the EUROPEAN commission approves Telia buy of the Swedish Government, where the TV4 channel is included, subject to certain terms and conditions. Telia is committed to the acquisition of the Swedish Government, is expected to generate synergies in 2020, with the full power of a 600 million a year by 2022, wrote the company in a press release following the announcement.

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In the storbolagsindex went for the Alfa Laval share price, on the plus side of 1.2 per cent. Volvo is increased by 1 per cent, 153:15, the crowns, and the defiance of a prediction from Morgan Stanley, which is believed to be Volvo’s share price may continue to monitor the company’s per-share earnings to decline in the 2020’s, in line with production cutbacks likely to weigh on margins. Riktkursen it was down to 130 kroner (135), while the advice of the holdings.

In the opposite direction, was placed in Boliden, where the share dropped by 0.7 per cent, and of the Kinnevik-backed off the same amount. On Tuesday, the last day of trading of the shares of Kinnevik, including the right to Millicon-shares in Kinnevik’s share redemption program.

Outside of the storbolagslistan to have the airline, SAS, had a height of the target price of Nordea Markets to the 22nd of dollars from the 17 dollars at the repeated koprekommendationen. The stock was up 5%. The SAS share has risen sharply since the start of the company last week raised its guidance for the full year, driven by strong passenger traffic.

Wihlborgs have been the height recommendation for a purchase of ABG Sundal Collier, of the keep. Fastighetsaktien advanced by 1.6 per cent.

Developer Starbreeze on Friday announced that the company has filed a reorganization plan as well as a request for composition proceedings at the district Court of Stockholm, rose by over 10 per cent.

In the same field, even of the Paradox of 5.6 per cent, in spite of a report that fourth-quarter sales and earnings were worse than analysts ‘ expectations. As Carnegie pointed out in a lattnadsrekyl of the company.

Catena Media is strengthened to 3.3 per cent.

Ljudboksforetaget Storytel reovisade increase in the net loss in the third quarter of the year. The forecasts for the full year was reaffirmed, with revisions, of the rise of the streamingintakter, with 39 per cent for the year as a whole. The previous forecast was at the upper portion of the 36 to 41 per cent. The shares fell more than 3 percent.

Oscar Properties is a share, the short between the plus and the minus in the morning, after an interim report, in which the operating income for the third quarter increased to sek 58.1 million (-103). The operating profit is explained by profits on the sale of 50% of the projektfastigheten the Helix. At lunchtime, the low share of +1.2%.

The sale of a 27 per cent stake in the e-commerce Bygghemma, which was announced after the borsstangning on Monday, the price of 47 and 50 dollars per share, the price at which the was sent to the stakeholders on Monday evening, according to the ruling. It has long been clear that EQT would be to buy nearly 18.3 million shares, or 17 per cent of the company. Bygghemmas shares rose 3.2 per cent to 49 dollars.

No., whose share is gone since the last report in the third quarter, and continued on down the road, and rose by 1.6 per cent. In Tuesday’s edition of is warned, however, Today’s industry is that the rise could possibly be resting on the shaky ground of over-indebtedness. No. is holding a capital markets day on Wednesday.

The Actic was up 1.4 per cent. The investor, leif ostling, has, in a series of deals recorded on Tuesday increased its stake in the gym chain, by way of purchase of shares, for a total of € 1.2 million.

Bilservicebolaget Mekonomen, which was going strong on Monday after a rise in recommendations from both SEB and Handelsbanken, went up by more than 6 per cent.

The packaging manufacturer Billerud, Korsnas, there’s a interim of 2:15 for the bucks, but the shares fared better, in that the trading price was only 1 of 40 dollars.

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