SWEDEN is breaking with And for statistikskandal


After statistikskandalen about the false unemployment numbers in the breach to SCB by the consulting firm And. The Data will now be collected by statistics SWEDEN, with some limitations.

Statistics SWEDEN’s director-general, and nephew, Joakim Stymne has been called to the civilminister Lena and Micko (S). This is in order to provide an explanation as to why they supplied the wrong stats, and what are the steps that have been taken for the future.

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One of them is now that you have chosen to complete the And.

“We are already doing a portion of the data collection itself, and will be, to some extent, the increase in it, but I don’t see that we are going to have the same set of statistics as in the past,” says Stymne, to the RIGHT.

According to the director-general to be, the change will not have any impact on konjunkturbedomningar.

– There are some fine stats that’s not going to be in the past. All of the key metrics that are important to konjunkturbedomningsperspektiv, we will be able to ensure the quality of the.

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Unexplained anomalies

The background is the revelation that SWEDEN had found unexplained discrepancies in the raw data from the agency’s partners And. The consulting firm shall, according to reports in the newspaper Aftonbladet have put pressure on fixed-term contracts of hiring an hourly employee, which has been supplied is false and trumped up telephone interviews as a basis for the COLOURS. And also, according to the Aftonbladet newspaper has made payroll deductions, if any employee is required to go to the bathroom.

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If the description corresponds to the truth, it sounds serious. We take care of all the works of the PAST. At the same time, it is not that we are party to or had any indications, ” says Stymne.

On Thursday announced the revised figures from the PAST.

TT: it Is here that the error is an embarrassment for SWEDEN?

“Our goal is to have the stability and the quality of the statistics. It was great to have the published statistics, which helped to give a wrong impression.

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