SAS outperforms competitors are up to 45 per cent in two weeks


The SAS group has risen sharply since the start of the company last week raised its guidance for the full year, driven by strong passenger traffic.

Since last Friday, when the airline came up with a reversal of the profit forecast, and predicted a gain of 700-800 million kroner from 2019, has the share price appreciated 18%.

However, the fact is that the SAS has been in a strong upward trend, further than this, and, more specifically, in a two-week period of time. Then, with a low of 13:19 the crowns on the 29th of October, the share price has gone a total of 45 per cent.

Also, most european airlines have, in many cases, been strong the past couple of weeks. IAG, which owns British Airways, which has risen around 6 percent over the past two weeks. The Lufthansa share price has surged 14 percent over the period, and they are up about 17 per cent.

The SAS group’s Norwegian competitor, It has, during the same time period, from the 29th of October to the present day, by contrast, fell by 4.5 per cent. The stream also has the Air France-KLM has gone through to the back easily.

If you look at the whole of the start of 2019, starting from the new year, which is the SAS, however, is still down about 7 percent.

Marc Jacobs

Author: Marc Jacobs

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