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Lars-Johan Jarnheimer ends up in the twin chairs, as he will be the new chairman of the Telia board of directors.

At the purchase of the Swedish Government, which includes TV4, gave the green light to the EUROPEAN union. Teliasonera’s nomination committee has, in the past, proposed that Lars-Johan Jarnheimer new chairman of the board of directors.

This combination is a potential problem. Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, is also the chairman of the board of the Danish media organisation Work, which takes one of the TV4 competition – TV2) in Norway.

TV4’s former managing director Jan Scherman, notes in Today’s Media is that these two media outlets ”tend to fight over the key rights to sports events, movies, and tv shows.”

He asks the question, what is the seat Jarnheimer will be sitting in on, for example, the Premier League will be up for sale.

After all, it’s unacceptable to have to sit on two chairs. It should be At the nominating committee passed out, and when that did not happen, of course, Jarnheimer yourself get out of Work, or turned down the offer to Vodafone, ” says Jan Scherman, to the world of Business.

Chairman At the nomination committee are Daniel Kristiansson, who sits on the government’s mandate.

This is not fixed in advance, now becomes the expression of the omdomesloshet both At the owner and Jarnheimer, ” says Scherman.

The business community has sought to Lars-Johan Jarnheimer and Daniel Kristiansson, for a comment.

Marc Jacobs

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