Fortnite is the company, Epic Games, buy English doldisbolaget Quixel


Epic Games has acquired the English doldisbolaget Quixel and 3d graphics library Megascans, for an unknown sum. “It’s a dream that has come true,” said Quixels co-founder of the Teddy Bergsman.

This article has been updated with a quote from the Quixels co-founder of the Teddy Bergsman.

Uppsala, sweden-the company Quixel has been since the beginning, has had a clear ambition: they want to 3d-scan the everything in the whole world. With proprietary scanning technology can be startupforetaget to create photo-realistic digital copies of everything from the trees, and the cars for the whole of the landscape. These 3d models can then be used to create movies, video games and other virtual environments.

It is not clear that the developer, Epic Games, among other things, is a behind-the-forsaljningssuccén Fortnite, to the acquisition of the Swedish company. The companies do not want to comment on how great the price is.

In addition to the game to develop, Epic Games is also a game engine called the Unreal Engine, and is used by millions of game developers around the world. The plan now is that anyone who uses the Unreal Engine to receive the free of charge access to the Quixels database of Megascans, in which all the company’s 3-d model is presented. The same applies to the Quixels the 3d program, the Bridge and the Console.

When a New Technology reaches the Quixels co-founder and managing director of the Teddy Bergsman has been, he just announced the good news on the Epic Games in the conference now includes the Academy’s in London, and is visibly excited.

“This is a dream come true. Our goal is not just to scan the whole of the world, but also to make it accessible to all. There is no more efficient way to do this than to make the Megascans free-for-all, which uses the Unreal Engine, ” says Teddy Bergsman for a New Technology.

What does this mean for you and for Quixel?

It’s an incredible recognition. It is important to us and, in the end, we are making a positive impact on the datorgrafikvarlden. Now, we are going to reach the tens of thousands of customers to millions. Of the night. It is shocking to me, in the most positive sense of the word.

Epic Games has previously worked with Quixel, including, among other things, co-produced the companies of a well-publicised advert for the Unreal Engine earlier this year. There Quixel scanned objects and landscape of the Island, which was then used in order to create a fully-virtual, but very realistic environment.

This collaboration was also the start of the process, which would ultimately lead to the Epic Games bought by the Swedish company.

Use of Tesla’s, Apple’s and Disney’s

To create photo-realistic 3d content is a complex process in the field of game development, and film production. By working with the Quixel to make the Megascans is free to make use of the Unreal Engine, the level of artistry is now available to all of storbudgetstudios to indieutvecklare, ” says Epic Games ceo Tim Sweeney in a press releases.

Quixel was established in 2011 by the then-24-year-old 3d artist Teddy Bergsman, who up until then worked at game developing company Starbreeze. Since then, the company has established itself as a heavyweight in the industry, and Megascans is the largest database of photo-realistic 3d models available on the market.

Apple and Tesla have been using the company’s 3-d model of their tv commercials, Disney’s remake of the lion king is based solely on the company’s software, and numerous video games, including: Battlefield 5, and Destiny 2, it is already the day of the Quixels 3-d model. The company also received a seat on the New Technologies, the 33-list, Sweden’s most promising young technology company in the last year.

In spite of that, Epic Games was on their feet in the gaming industry, will the Quixel continue to sell their 3d models in a variety of industries. Even before the acquisition was initiated as a collaboration with the new parent company, in an area known as “virtual production”, in a way, the film in which human actors, with the help of, for example, a vr headset, are able to interact with a digital environment in real-time.

In essence, for us and for the Epic Games agree that any creative professional should have access to the kind of technology that we have developed. Regardless of whether the development of the game, producing a film or a work of architecture or of cars, ” says Teddy Bergsman.

At the same time, have the Quixel grown with a rocket speed in the last couple of years. The company has been in the last few years has gone from 40 to over 120 employees in six countries. Many of them are dealing with the scanning of new objects, environments, and textures that can be added to the Megascans. In addition to the head office in Uppsala and is today Sweden’s office in Stockholm, Goteborg, sweden, and in Borrby, Österlen.

The company will continue to operate under the same structure, even in Epic Games ‘ lead. The offices of the united states and in other countries will be left behind, and to Teddy Bergsman is still in the chefsposten.

All the workers are going to come with me and we are going to continue to expand at a even faster rate, ” he said.


To do: Develop a 3d database of the Megascans, and the 3d-tool Blender, and the Bridge.

Founded in: 2011.

Location: Headquarters in Uppsala, sweden with offices in Gothenburg, sweden, Pakistan, india, USA, Australia and many other countries.

Employees: Over 110.

Turnover reached 15.7 million (2018).

The risk capital of 25 million dollars.

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