He is the new president of the Liljewall


In January 2020, taking Niclas Sundgren over as president and CEO of the Liljewall for Per-Henrik Johansson. He carries with him a wealth of expertise and a broad network within the samhallsbyggnadssektorn.

– He is the right person to drive our on-going utvecklingsresa on, say, Karl Palmberg, chairman of the board of the Liljewall. We are dealing with a more complex architectural meaning that the Guests experience from different parts of the industry are of great importance. In addition to a strong network of contacts he has with the architecture, engineering, and industrial construction in the international market, ” says Karl Palmberg, chairman of the board of the Liljewall.

Andy, who is well known to many members of the Liljewall, after his early years as an employee and as a member of the board of directors of the Leif Blomkvist research foundation, is looking forward to that, after fifteen years, returned to lead the company.

“I am honored to be part of and running a firm with a strong corporate culture, solid knowledge-base and capacity for innovation. This is something that all business leaders would like to see what they do. During the years I have seen the Liljewall has steadily developed the quality of architectural clarity, enhanced hållbarhetsfokus, digitization, and the broadening of community outreach. It is with great pleasure and with a great deal of respect for the task at hand, which I keep coming back to interact with the company’s dedicated employees in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg, sweden, ” says Niclas Sundgren.

A change of CEO has been planned for a long time and, Per-Henrik Johansson, who has been PRESIDENT for ten years, it will continue to work on the Liljewall in an operational role as a uppdragsansvarig as an architect.

“It feels good to hand over the reins to Andy, and to fully focus on the creation of good architecture,” says Per-Henrik Johansson.

He is the new president of the Liljewall
Niclas Sundgren will take over as the new president and CEO of the Liljewall in January 2020. Photo: Liljewall

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