Ingvar Kamprad: 5 best tips for a successful economy


Ingvar Kamprad was one of the largest contractors in Sweden (and perhaps the whole world) during the second half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century. In January 2018, he went into the suites of a pneumonia.

During his lifetime, Kamprad never hesitated to think new and innovative. In addition, he always tried to find new projects to involve himself in. This was the reason why he got his IKEA to grow into a global player in furniture and home furnishings.

Over the years, many column meters have been written about Kamprad’s life and deed in the newspapers. It is also a myriad of authors who have given us different images of the company name small nation. Often a picture of a person with a curious and healthy picture of finances emerges. Since Kamprad was so successful, many articles and other writings often deal with tips on how to do to become as successful as he was. We who write here on the page have read and pondered and here are our favorites among all finance tips signed Kamprad over the years.

You can’t do it all!
There are many who want to do everything themselves, especially in economic matters. One is afraid to show ignorance and therefore withdraws from using tips and getting guidance from others. According to Kamprad, it is a big mistake. In his business, he discovered early on that there were certain things he was really good at. For the things he was not as good at he hired skills from outside.

Everyone should follow this council. There are many pitfalls in economics and finance, and it is a shame to fall into one because of pride. At the same time, all financial decisions are ultimately your own. Take in the information and help you need, but make sure you make your own decision that you are confident with.

Don’t Satisfy!
There is a personality trait that goes back to all very successful entrepreneurs. It is about a constant quest for new challenges. Kamprad never satisfied himself and after each success he began to look towards the next goal.

Never settling is a sure way to a more successful economy. Of course you should celebrate success, but it is important to continue working towards new goals so as not to say “lose pace”.

Always ask “why”!
Why was a favorite word for Kamprad. He questioned everything (certainly to the great joy of his subordinates!) And in particular matters of economics.

Asking yourself why one does some things and why one plans to say and so is very useful. In that way, you have to argue for your position. This allows you to see if it actually leads you forward or if it is rather restrictive.

Take responsibility!
Kamprad was a person with hard pinches that ran with “straight pipes”. He demanded responsibility when needed and he always took responsibility for various problems he had caused himself.

Taking responsibility for mistakes is always wise, especially when it comes to finances. You are responsible for, for example, your investments on the stock exchange and should they not develop as you have imagined you only have to blame yourself. See yourself as responsible and make sure to learn from your possible mistakes.

Work with things that make you happy!
Kamprad lived according to the decree that work should be fun. If not, much of life would be a waste of time with a negative focus.

No matter what you are working on or planning to work with for greater financial success, make sure that the job you are doing gives a positive feeling. If you like what you do, chances are much greater that you will succeed in achieving your goals and dreams.