Erik was hearing impaired by his Iphone ringtone


He got tinnitus after the ringtone suddenly changed to maximum volume.

Now Erik Kristow, 48, accuses the mobile giant Apple of the error – at the same time as the Consumer Agency investigates the case.

  • I hear the beep at night, have trouble finding myself in crowds and at work I needed earplugs, he says.

It was in early January this year that Erik Kristow from Alby outside Ă…nge sat on the train from Stockholm to Sundsvall and listened to low music in wireless headphones via the mobile phone.

But suddenly the calm was cut apart.

A ringtone on the max volume sounded right into the ears of Erik Kristow via the headphones.

  • I just pulled them off right away, but it became a huge noise shock and I got a lot of pain in the ears for a few days, then it went over to a whining sound, he says.

A week later, the same thing happened again, but then the phone was connected to the car’s speaker system via Bluetooth.

  • Then the signal was also at the highest volume. Since then, I have had major problems with sound sensitivity, says Erik Kristow.

 Disappointed by Apple’s actions
On both occasions, the phone, an Apple iPhone 6 Plus with software version 12.1.2, has been set to significantly lower the volume of the ringtone than the one used. Because the error occurred both when Erik Kristow used wireless headphones, from the Philips brand, and when he connected the phone to the speakers in his Skoda, he believed the error was due to a bug in Apple’s phone.

He has therefore reported the event to the mobile giant:

  • I thought they had to investigate and see what the error is. I want them to warn people that this can happen.

But the company has not wanted to take responsibility for what has happened. Instead, in telephone and e-mail correspondence with Erik Kristow, he refers to the fact that he used headphones that did not come from Apple and said that the error might have occurred in the other products.

Erik Kristow is critical of the company’s actions.

  • I get annoyed at how a large company handles the matter, that they do not take the issue seriously and want to investigate the phone but just turn it off, he says.

 Apple: We’re not commenting
When Expressen contacts Apple, they do not want to comment on the issue.

  • We will not comment on this but we are investigating the matter. We never comment on ongoing cases, says Apple via Caroline Alexandersson, press contact for Apple in Sweden.

Erik Kristow has reported the incident to the Swedish Consumer Agency and the authority has now requested information from both Apple and Philips.

Meanwhile, Erik Kristow’s life continues to be affected by the sound sensitivity that has arisen. He has completely stopped using headphones and has even been forced to renounce things because of the sound sensitivity.

  • I hear the chime at night, find it difficult to find myself in crowds and at work I needed earplugs. You get very tired of it too, it is much like having a migraine, so it will be very big impact on life, says Erik Kristow.