Electric car bikes only have a lifetime of about two months


Electric car bikes like Voi and Lime have been acclaimed for being a climate-smart alternative to the car.

But now studies show that the vehicles only have a lifetime of about two months.

In the last few months, the number of app-driven electric park bikes has exploded in several Swedish cities.

But the new element of the cityscape is questionable – and many have reacted to the electric scooters being thrown on sidewalks and outside shops where they block the road.

At the same time, the advocates have argued that the new means of transport is a climate-smart alternative to the car and means that emissions decrease in the cities.
8,000-12,000 electricity park bicycles are scrapped in Stockholm
However, studies show that the news site Breakit has taken note of the fact that the electric cycles’ sustainability is about two months on average, which means that between 8,000 and 12,000 scooters will be scrapped only in Stockholm this year.

In connection with an event that Breakit arranged a couple of weeks ago, Swedish Vois CEO Douglas Stark discussed the short life span of the electric park bikes:

  • We still make money from them. But it is always possible to earn more and for sustainability in general it is a shame that they no longer last, Douglas Stark said in connection with the event.

In an email to Breakit, however, Voi’s communications manager Caroline Hjelm explains that the company is careful to reuse different parts of the broken bikes:

“If a scooter is in a bad condition, and therefore unsafe for our users, then we use all spare parts and recycle what cannot be reused,” she writes.

 A high waste metal on landfills
Ronald Domelid is the chairman of the Swedish department of Polish Blinkee City, who is a challenger to Voi. He argues that the benefits of electric bicycle bicycles outweigh the disadvantages of an environmental perspective, but still believes that the short lifetime is a problem at present.

  • Compared to driving a car, it is an environmental benefit. But we cannot close our eyes to the fact that the life span is 3 to 6 months under optimal conditions. If they are used every day, they no longer hold that way, he says to Breakit.

And continue:

  • That’s why we have chosen to use replaceable batteries. If you do not have it and the scooter is broken then you just throw it away, then important components disappear.

Anne Faxér, researcher at the state research institute Rise in Gothenburg, analyzed the challenges that await electric park bicycles and she, among other things, addresses the environmental friendliness

“The scooter market hopes to ride the” micro-mobility revolution “, which promises us a cleaner and more sustainable future transport. How can they avoid ending up as a pile of waste metal on landfills? 2019 will be crucial for their survival, ”she writes in the report.