Use fewer wheels. Save through a cheaper trip


For many of us, driving is a big part of everyday life. Petrol, service, insurance and loan costs. Having a car is an expensive investment. But there are ways that you can reduce your transport costs and hopefully ease the budget.

Use fewer wheels
The simplest route to less time behind the wheel and thus less wear is of course the pavement. Many of us also use the car for smaller distances. Walking and cycling is possible in almost all weather and nature. In addition to saving money on gasoline costs and wear, walking and cycling are the cheapest roads to a better health. Something that is a cheap investment with high returns. However, Sweden is not just big cities and flat surfaces. Many Swedes live in the countryside and live too long to go and sometimes to go cycling. For them, there are other ways to reduce car costs.

The more the better
Just because it is a person who owns the car does not mean that only one person can go in it. The more people sitting in a car, the more affordable the trip is. If all the passengers help to pay for the gas, it is even better. For similar reasons, public transport is an excellent alternative to driving a car. In many parts of public transport fast, punctual and cheap, but never all three at the same time. However, it is a good way for you to reduce your car driving and save money.

Choose the right model
A large part of the cost of a car is based on the model of the car. For example, a large car is more expensive to maintain than a small car. Especially in town, a small car is much more advantageous. Its size makes it easier to get around and its gasoline efficiency does not make it as expensive to sit in traffic jams.

If you are looking for an environmental car, you can also get an environmental car premium if the car emits less than a certain amount of carbon dioxide per kilometer. In 2018, this premium will rise to SEK 60,000 for the absolutely environmentally friendly cars. This is something to keep in mind when buying your next car.

In addition to increasing the premium, the government has decided to increase the vehicle tax on the cars that are the largest environmental buoys. The first three years, a new car owner can pay up to SEK 8000 per year if their car releases too much exhaust gas. These decisions are part of the Government’s initiative to get Sweden to become the world’s most environmentally friendly country. As it seems now, electric cars and the like will soon be cheaper than regular petrol cars.

Think about the insurance
Traffic insurance is mandatory for all cars and, depending on your demographics, the cost can vary greatly. If you are a young guy in central Stockholm with his first car that has lots of horsepower, you probably pay the biggest insurance premium of them all. The prize is based on everything from where you live, age, sex, work and of course what kind of car you have. These are things you have to think about when buying a car. Talk to your insurance company about what you can do to lower your insurance costs.