Life as a day trader


If you want to make money on shares then maybe life as day trades is something for you. The profession is very demanding, and has lots of advantages as well as disadvantages. Here we will go through a little briefly how life as day trades can look.

Short-term business with soaring amounts
As a professional day trader, you handle very large amounts of money on a daily basis, ranging from SEK 500,000 up to perhaps SEK 100 million. The profession itself, in short, means that you make short-term equity transactions, ie buy and sell shares during the day. All stock positions are sold off before the stock exchange closes for the day.

You can be day traders either for yourself, and trade your own money. Or you are employed by a finance company, which means that the capital you are moving with is considerably much larger to give better results.

In Sweden, we see an increase in the number of day traders and this has gone up since 2008. Today, our Internet connections are mainly faster, more widespread and much more stable. This means that many people choose to work as day traders from home, which is a dream for many. As the labor market has become harder in Sweden, this has led to more and more people striving to be independent and work with something where they can plan their days freely. But the job of day trades requires a lot of you as a person, which means that far from everyone is suitable for it.

A demanding job with many benefits
It is not entirely without reason that many successful day traders have a background in the sport. A strong competition instinct is almost a must as a day trader. Likewise, a very high degree of stress resistance is required since there is a lot of information that must be handled and treated in a very short time. As day trades, you usually have several computer screens in front of you where you receive continuous information about stock news, order statistics, telegrams and lots of other information needed to be able to do good business at the same moment as is given.

A working day can also vary extremely very emotionally, which goes without saying that you can sometimes earn very large amounts of money as well as you can suffer from major financial losses in your stock trades. This is one of the reasons why many say that day traders usually have very different moods. Mood swings, in turn, make it quite important to have an understanding partner, as working days can be very stressful.

Are you very social as a person and like to work in teams and interact with people in your professional role? Then daytrader is not for you. If you, on the other hand, like to work yourself and do not have problems with the degree of uncertainty that the profession brings, then maybe it is right for you to work as a day trader.

DaytraderOur certainty as a day trader is often that you have no permanent employment, and the professional role itself has a reputation for being unstable financially.

A tip for those who think this sounds interesting is to try day-to-day shopping with any of the apps or websites that are available today. On most of these, you can try the trade in play money, which can still give you a good idea of ​​how daytrading can look.