New decision: Tougher supervision in the gaming market in Sweden


Now the government is tightening the demands of the Spelinspektionen and the Consumer Agency – to overcome the advertising bets.

The two regulators will report back to the government in September, according to a government decision made on Thursday.

  • They must act and take the necessary measures to ensure that Swedish law is followed in Sweden, says Minister of Civil Affairs Ardalan Shekarabi (S).

By March 31, the gaming companies should be able to show the government “noticeable change” in the scope and design of the gaming advertising.

This demand was recently made by the Minister of Civil Affairs, Ardalan Shekarabi, who believes that marketing in the gaming market has become far too aggressive since the re-regulation at the turn of the year.

  • Before the re-regulation we said that match fixation should be smoked out. It’s really the same message today about unhealthy marketing – aggressive marketing that goes against the law should be smoked out, says Ardalan Shekarabi.

In anticipation of the gaming companies’ feedback in just over a month, the government is now tightening the demands of the gaming market’s two regulators, the Gaming Inspectorate and the Consumer Agency.

  • What I do now is that I commission them to return and report what they have done in September. And we emphasize that this is a priority area for supervision, says Shekarabi.
  • These two authorities have got both the legal tools and the responsibility to exercise supervision. And now we assign them the task of prioritizing this and returning with a proper reporting of exactly how they have done to exercise effective supervision.

Shekarabi emphasizes that the re-regulation of the gaming market was made to provide increased state control:

  • We have not re-regulated this market for fun, we have done so because the Swedish state will regain control of the gaming market and protect consumers.

The gaming industry says that it can’t be just their responsibility to find a solution to this?

  • No, it’s not just their responsibility. They have a part of the responsibility – they are responsible for working with self-regulation. We are responsible for ensuring that the laws that the Riksdag has founded are followed.

Are there parliamentary prerequisites to tighten up the legislation if the gaming companies do not find a solution now?

  • Yes my picture is that we are completely in agreement, all parties that worked with the re-regulation.