Last chance today – get tax notification next week


Three million Swedes can get their tax refund already in April.

The Tax Agency has decided all dates for the tax refund 2019.

But in order to get a message earlier if you get a refund or withholding tax, you must have obtained a digital mailbox by midnight today.

For those of you who think it is financially difficult at the beginning of the year, the following may be particularly interesting to read.

The Swedish Tax Agency is ready with the planning for the 2019 declaration and when the rain with tax refund comes in spring.

All dates are fixed, both the most important days concerning the declaration and the tax refund as well as the property declaration are nailed.

There will also be some news in the 2019 declaration.

  • We take another step and simplify the conditions. Anyone who is just about to approve their declaration, without changes or additions, and does it digitally by April 2 this year can get their tax refund already in April, says Anna Sj√∂berg, tax expert at Skatteverket in a press release.

You do not need to have a digital mailbox to get the money extra fast.

But to get an early message if you get a tax refund or suffer a residual tax, today’s date, February 28, 2019, is important. No later than midnight, you will need to get a digital mailbox for exrra early to see if you receive a refund or a residual tax.