The Ministry of Finance requires a response from FI manager Erik Thedéen


Finansinspektionen’s Director General Erik Thedéen is called to a meeting at the Ministry of Finance – after SVT’s disclosure of the money laundering scandal in Swedbank, Bloomberg reports.

Now the US is also acting – whose ambassador in Stockholm has requested a meeting with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

It writes Dagens industri.

In the wake of the “Mission Review” disclosures about suspected money laundering in Swedbank in the Baltic countries, Svenska Dagbladet reported that the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, FI, ignored alarms about money laundering.

On Wednesday, the newspaper told that FI’s management ignored warnings from their own experts for the Russian company Carbo One, which is now pointed out as involved in the military.

But FI states that they cannot comment on the allegations:

”Svenska Dagbladet states that a customer in Swedbank’s Baltic operations also has business relations with Swedbank in Sweden and that FI had knowledge of this. FI cannot confirm or deny this, as information that FI has on customers of banks under FI’s supervision is covered by so-called absolute secrecy in accordance with Chapter 4, Section 4 of the Publicity and Secrecy Act. This means that FI is forbidden to disclose such a task. ”Writes the authority in a press release on Thursday.

In a memorandum from 2017 that SvD has read, the investigators write:

“Both banks have neglected their obligations under the Money Laundering Act. FI will then intervene. The investigative group proposes that the district managers decide to take the matters further to the chief legal counsel for sanctioning.

Erik Thedéen is called to the Ministry of Finance
Only last week, after SVT’s disclosures, FI announced that it would initiate a review together with its Estonian counterpart.

Now, the Director General of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, Erik Theden, is called to a meeting at the Ministry of Finance to give “an explanation for the recent events,” says Secretary of State Ulf Holm to Bloomberg.

The Government sees “very seriously” the allegations against Swedbank, Holm continues.

The United States wants a meeting about Swedbank
In addition, the USA is now also acting, writes Dagens industri.

On Wednesday, the US Embassy sent a letter to FI requesting a meeting with the Authority.

“I wonder if it is possible to arrange a meeting between our Charge d’Affaires and Finansinspektionen. The purpose is to get a briefing about Swedbank and FI’s actions, ”writes an official at the embassy, ​​according to Di.

 The United States currently has no ambassador in Sweden, and Charge d ‘Affaires is the diplomacy that replaces the ambassador, writes the newspaper.

Today’s industry has been in contact with the US Embassy, ​​who does not want to comment on their request for a meeting.


September 19, 2018: A law firm presents its investigation by Danske Bank, which shows that thousands of foreign customers in the bank’s branch in Estonia can be suspected of money laundering – in total, this amounts to SEK 2,000 billion. Danske bank’s CEO gets fired the same day.

October 3, 2018: Swedbank’s share rages for information from Bloomberg, which indicates that more banks are involved in Danske Bank’s money laundering. Swedbank’s CEO Birgitte Bonnesen, however, assures in interviews that her bank has not been involved in the scandal. 2011-2014 she was the head of the Baltic business.

February 20, 2019: SVT’s “Assignment Review” has mapped secret documents revealing that 50 customers in Swedbank have been able to lock the equivalent of SEK 40 billion through the bank between 2007-2015. Everyone shows clear signals of suspected money laundering.

At the same time, the equivalent of SEK 150 million from a gigantic Russian tax coup has passed Swedbank in the Baltics – linked to the case of the tax auditor Sergei Magnitsky who was found dead in a detention center in Moscow after witnessing against highly-ranked Russian officials, politicians and judges.

February 21, 2019: Swedbank appoints EY as external investigator of money laundering. After just under a week, the audit firm is replaced by Forensic Risk Alliance, FRA – according to information that EY has links to the bank’s executive management and that the audit firm itself is subject to scrutiny in the wake of the Danske Bank scandal.

February 26, 2019: After the disclosure of the suspected money laundering, Swedbank’s value has collapsed by about SEK 40 billion. DN reveals that Swedbank’s largest owner was informed of “Assignment review” several days in advance – while small savers and the rest of the market received information in connection with SVT’s publication.

February 27, 2019: SVT discloses new information about persons suspected of money laundering through accounts in Swedbank in the Baltic. Among other things, a powerful Russian oligarch and the former president of Ukraine.