SpaceX shoots up a new rocket here


SpaceX has once again launched a rocket in space. The purpose is to test the US’s new passenger transport Crew Dragon on behalf of NASA.

Early on Saturday morning Elon Musk’s company SpaceX shot up its space rocket Falcon 9 with destination ISS (International Space Station). The launch is a test of the US’s new passenger car, Crew Dragon, developed by SpaceX with the support of NASA.

The astronaut capsule was fired unmanned. Previously, material has been sent to the space station and the purpose of today’s test is to show that passenger transport is safe, something that is important for NASA since their staff are the first people to fly with Crew Dragon.

SpaceX competes with Boeing
Since the United States dropped its space shuttles in 2011, Russia has had a monopoly on driving spacecraft to and from the ISS, which has become an expensive affair for NASA. Since then, SpaceX and Boeing have been contracted to take over passenger traffic to the ISS. Boeing’s passenger transport The CST-100 Starliner will be test aircraft in April. The companies are now competing to be first.