Nicklas, 31: So I earned my first million together


He invested half the salary in shares already as a teenager.

Now Nicklas Andersson, 31, tells how he earned his first million as a 25 year old.

  • I have always been interested in money throughout my life, he says in Svenska Dagbladet’s podium “My first million”.

When his buddies in Boden were out fishing and drove scooters during their childhood, the investor professional Nicklas Andersson chose to discuss business and cook coffee for the members of Aktiespararna’s local association.

The reason was to learn as much as possible about investing money in the best way and making them grow.

  • I am not born with silver spoon in mouth and I have always had to earn my own money, but I have always been interested in money throughout my life, says Nicklas Andersson to SvD.

“I see money as a tool”
Already during high school, he chose to constantly invest at least half of all the money he earned. In this way, he struggled to get his first SEK 100,000 together, the next goal was to reach up to one million.

  • My first million I earned when I was 25. I thought it would feel particularly special, but it felt nothing special, says Nicklas Andersson.

Today he works at the bank Avanza in Stockholm and gives share tips via the Investor’s Podcast and Avanzapodden:

  • Today money means more financial security. I see the money as a tool, I always reinvest dividends and do not withdraw anything from the portfolio.

Calls for long-term investments
Nicklas Andersson’s main advice to those who want to make money from shares is to be long-term and not buy and sell as soon as a stock goes up or down.

  • I am incredibly long-term on the stock exchange. Too many people think this with the stock market, it was nothing for me because it went down. But the biggest risk in the long term is that you leave the stock exchange, not that there will be a crisis, says Nicklas Andersson to SvD.