Here are the cities where the housing prices rage the most


Housing prices have fallen dramatically since the peak of recent years.

The biggest is the case in Linköping and Sundsvall – while Stockholm is the big city that has lost most of the statistics from Mäklarhuset.

  • For those who stepped into the market just when it was at the top, the development has been tough.

The housing market has been cautious during the first months of the year and the January prices for villas and condominiums were unchanged compared with the same month in 2018.

But when Mäklarhuset investigated prices for tenant-owned apartments in different central Swedish cities and compared with the absolute peak in the period 2015 to 2018, it was obvious that today’s prices fell sharply.

The average shows a loss of 7.2 per cent compared to August 2017, when the average prices were at the highest.

Large fall in Linköping and Sundsvall
In several cities, however, prices have fallen considerably more.

Linköping closely followed by Sundsvall are the two cities where the difference is the greatest, where prices for a condominium have fallen by 18.8 and 18.3 per cent, respectively. At least, prices have fallen in Helsingborg, where the decline is 2.9 percent.

  • The housing market is preferably described as a homogeneous market with focus on Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. Our study points to major differences across the country and that the fluctuations in the market are generally larger outside our three largest cities, ”says Erik Wikander, Managing Director of Mäklarhuset.

At the same time, Mäklarhuset’s statistics show that Stockholm is the big city in the country that backed most with a price fall of 7.5 per cent while Gothenburg and Malmö fell by 6.1 and 4.4 per cent respectively.