Hans Dahlgren: The clock is ticking for the UK


But one month left to Britain to leave the EU, the British Parliament has still not agreed to the negotiated exit agreement.

The EU maintains that we do not intend to renegotiate the agreement and a so-called hard Brexit comes closer.

  • The clock is ticking and it’s not that long, says EU Minister Hans Dahlgren in Expressen TV’s Your Money tonight.

979 days after the British voted to leave the European Union, a withdrawal agreement has not yet been approved on 29 March 2019.

  • We actually know what the British Parliament wants. We know that they said no to several things, but we have not received any positive message, says EU Minister Hans Dahlgren.

The negotiated withdrawal agreement that Prime Minister Theresa May presented to the British Parliament earlier this year led to a historic defeat.

In recent days, a second referendum has been requested, while May now says that it should allow Parliament to vote for the Brexit a few weeks or months.

  • It is difficult to see that there would be any changed political conditions. It is a difficult political situation in the UK. There is a majority for no in many different ways. So far, a majority has not been seen to yes. That is what is crooked here.

“Swedes get the same benefits”
Sweden has prepared for a tough brexit since last year and produced legislation.

  • Swedish citizens living in the UK should receive approximately the same social benefits as they have been able to lift so far. That the British citizens living in Sweden still have the right to stay, study and work here. We expect Swedish citizens who are in the UK to enjoy the same rights.
  • There is good preparation work so that it should not be so dangerous to the citizens. On the other hand, it is on the economic side that it becomes a customs limit, which means that industrial products will receive a duty of perhaps 10 percent. It will, of course, affect the economic exchange for a while.

Traffic should not be affected.

  • It shouldn’t have to be a big crisis at the border. We expect that the permits needed for Swedish aircraft to land in the UK and UK plans in Sweden will be in place the day before the exit has passed.

The border with Ireland the big question
The cracking issue in the exit agreement is the border issue in Ireland.

  • It was a bloody war that went on and demanded the lives of a thousand innocent people. We certainly do not want to return to that and therefore it is so important that we do not get a hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.
  • It’s unique. It has never happened in the history of the EU that a Member State left the Union. That it also does so without an agreement, which is foreseen, becomes extra difficult.